Another #BigGAN music video. Automatically generated to "Morph Gen 2" by

Boba place honored my name in their delivery.

@coffeemug Now my federated timeline has a bunch of softcore porn in it. I blame you

Weird time getting assaulted this morning. A homeless man in the financial district walked up and said “how’s it going” then leaned in and like, kinda “playfully” punched me in the helmet like 3/4 times then walked off laughing.

I’ve been making a home brew IPA these last couple weeks and brewing is great. You get to do a ton of anxious math, cleaning, and waiting.

Y'all have produced just, a ton of garbage in the prestigious 30 min history of this instance.

You already did it right @slava, but obviously, no posting memetic hazards without CWs.

@deontologician @slava @coffeemug It doesn't count if y'all are just harassing each other to bug me.

Just immediately, porn and hate and chad memes.

Ok this is pretty funny so far, but eventually we gotta get serious about the transhumanism

Ok, so it looks like the server just has to take some time to backfill people you follow. Please bear with me on anyone you want to follow/retoot.

This is really great. Finally got mailgun and digital ocean working so we can be totally independent of any tech companies.


Procgen yo